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Student Recruitment

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Assessment and Selection

NJC works closely with schools to ensure that the students who stand to benefit most have the opportunity to attend.

Schools, in first instance, consider and nominate potential candidates through their usual internal channels (e.g. Joint Support Teams). These candidates are then discussed with NJC staff, who meet the students and their parents/carers. Students are given a number of challenges to complete, to assist in the process of selection in a separate assessment session.

Discussions with parents and applicants cover the following areas:

  1. Benefits to be gained from the NJC experience
  2. Detail of the NJC curriculum
  3. Skills that will be gained at NJC
  4. Specific benefits of involvement in the Duke of Edinburgh Award programme
  5. Development of NJC pupils as individuals
  6. Possible careers for NJC graduates
  7. Preparation for the world of work
  8. The guarantee of an apprenticeship or a college place

Following further discussion with students’ schools, a decision is made on the most suitable candidates to take up a place at NJC through a fully-funded scholarship.

This placement will begin as soon as is possible after parental agreement and pupil enrolment forms have been signed.