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Principal’s Statement

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Principal’s Statement

The aim of Newlands Junior College (NJC) is to deliver an alternative form of education, aimed at young people who find that mainstream secondary school education does not best suit them but who have the potential to become successful people and good employees, thereby contributing positively to society.

We recruit around 30 pupils per year from partner secondary schools. They experience an alternative approach to their education in years S3 and S4. In addition to academic subjects, the NJC curriculum combines vocational/career training and personal development with sports, nutrition and outdoor activities.

By including these elements, we believe that the NJC approach increases motivation, skills and confidence in addition to providing formal qualifications at SCQF Level 4 and Level 5. At the end of S4, leavers will have the qualifications, skills and personal qualities that will allow them to access one of the guaranteed apprenticeships or college courses the NJC can make available.

This is a unique opportunity for young people of school age to learn in an environment that models itself on the work place but, just as importantly, provides great experiences designed to develop areas of skill and expertise that will make them rounded individuals who are attractive to future employers.

-Iain White,
Principal of Newlands Junior College

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