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Partners and Sponsors

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NJC operates in partnership with many other organisations and individuals. Partners may provide services, support, time, finance or a combination of these.

Educational Partners

Partner organisations are involved in the delivery of vital aspects of the NJC curriculum. These are aspects of learning where NJC makes use of the facilities and expertise of other organisations. Courses are delivered in partnership with SkillForce Scotland, GTG Training, Riverside Music Complex and City of Glasgow College.


NJC operates in close collaboration with Glasgow City Council and the Scottish Government and draws its students from secondary schools in the south side of the city.

NJC is the brain child of Jim McColl, the well-known Glasgow entrepreneur. He has sought funding from a number of significant business partners as well as making substantial direct financial contribution through Clyde Blowers Ltd. NJC thus represents a productive partnership between private and public sectors for the benefit of young people facing long-term exclusion.

Some large private sector businesses (along with public sector partners) are committed to contributing £500k over a five year period. However, there is also an opportunity for other partners to make a vital but smaller contribution by sponsoring one or more individual students. £15,000 will fund one student for his or her two years with NJC. Smaller sponsorship involvement is possible.