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NJC Management Structure

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NJC Ownership

The college is financed by a Charitable Trust set up for the purpose.  The building is leased from SPX Clyde Union Pumps.

NJC Management

The Trust is managed by a Board of Trustees.  Major donors will automatically be represented on the Board.  Local authorities with which the college works closely may also be invited to nominate members of the Board.  In addition, there will be a capacity to co-opt other members with specific expertise that is considered essential for the good running of NJC.

NJC Charitable Status

The Trust has a set of charitable objectives arising out of its educational activities and is registered with the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) with the sole purpose of the Trust to provide education for a disadvantaged group of young people.

The Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for registering NJC with the Registrar of Independent Schools, ensuring that NJC complies with all relevant regulations, providing the necessary funding for its operation and for its strategic direction.  The operational management of NJC is the responsibility of the Principal.

NJC Funding

The Trustees are responsible for ensuring the financial viability and sustainability of NJC. Significant funding is provided by businesses and other donors, thus ensuring both its financial security and its independence.

Some financial support is offered by Glasgow City Council in recognition of the fact that the college will provide education for young people who would otherwise be attending Glasgow schools. The Scottish Government provided funding to aid the set-up of NJC.

The NJC Principal

The Principal is responsible to the Board for the effective management of NJC but has extensive discretion in relation to its operation.  The Principal works within the strategic framework established by the Board.  This sets out the broad purposes of the college, defines the client group that it is designed to serve and describes, in general terms, the nature of the curriculum that is offered.

A Depute Principle assists with the management of NJC.