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NJC as an Independent School

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Newlands Junior College offers an example of how Scottish education could better meet the needs of young people who are disengaged from present forms of schooling but have the potential to be good apprentices and technicians.

NJC needs the freedom of action to be creative and responsive but, at the same time, must work closely with the public school system and with the local authorities that manage that system.

To achieve these objectives, Newlands Junior College has been registered as an independent school.  Scotland’s independent schools are a varied group.  Many are high-achieving, academically-focused schools but others exist to promote a particular educational philosophy or cater for young people with additional needs of various kinds.  These latter schools usually draw their pupils from the state sector and see themselves as specialist arms-length allies of that sector.  NJC is an independent school of this type.  It does not see itself as being in competition with state schools but, rather, as offering a service of a specialist nature that cannot easily be provided within the normal day school setting.

NJC is a member of the Scottish Council for Independent Schools (SCIS).

No fees are charged to NJC students for attendance at the College or participation in any of its curriculum activities. Each student receives a fully funded scholarship.