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Campus Facilities

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Being located within an industrial site, the NJC campus has an essentially different and non-institutional atmosphere and is closely linked to the Albert Park playing fields where sport and other outdoor activities are organised, with grateful thanks to Weir Recreation.

Overall the learning environment has been designed to go well beyond the process of traditional instruction, to provide opportunities for different types of learning and to support a range of different types of personal development, in line with the four key strategies of Curriculum for Excellence, namely successful learning, confident individuals, responsive citizens and effective contributors.

The design of the Newlands Junior College campus incorporates a stimulating learning environment which is underpinned by an excellent communications infrastructure. NJC has bespoke IT capabilities which support the NJC learning facilities. The Apple platform is used throughout.

Another key element of the building design is its furniture.  The selected furniture not only  contributes highly to its image and feeling of quality but it also underpins much of the innovation in the teaching style of the College.

These ground-breaking educational facilities, have allowed NJC to create the optimum environment for delivery of the curriculum and, thus, facilitate the re-engagement of our target student cohort.