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Rationale and Aims


Newlands Junior College exists to help young people who are disengaged from education to make a success of their lives and contribute to society.

Scotland has excellent schools. Most young people leave well prepared for adult life and work, but some do not, and among those are young people with much to offer. However, for some reason, the normal school experience has not inspired them and they become demotivated and likely to fail.

NJC has been specifically designed with these young people in mind. Its intensive individual support and strongly vocational curriculum provide a different experience that can re-engage them and set them on the road to success. NJC is not for everyone; it provides a specialist service for a very specific group of students.

NJC aims to provide Scottish education with an additional resource. It is not in competition with comprehensive secondary schools, it aims to work closely with those near to it to ensure that every young person receives the kind of education best suited to their needs.

Local schools are invited to identify pupils of around fourteen years of age who are not currently benefiting from their education but who have shown signs of potential. NJC and school staff work together to ensure that a different kind of opportunity is made available to those young people who seem most likely to gain from it. Once a young person moves to NJC, the former school is kept informed of progress and in many cases, senior staff  from the schools have visited and seen for themselves how pupils are getting on.

Over time, the aim is to create a network of junior colleges across Scotland. In every instance these will work with local authority, neighboring schools, businesses and the local community to provide something that is additional and strengthens the public education system in the area.