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Newlands Junior College

Rationale and Aims

Newlands Junior College exists to help young people who are disengaged from education to make a success of their lives and contribute to society.

Scotland has excellent schools. Most young people leave well prepared for adult life and work, but some do not, and among those are young people with much to offer. However, for some reason, the normal school experience has not inspired them and they become demotivated and likely to fail. Read more


Newlands Junior College is designed to provide a unique type of education, suited to the particular needs of young people who do not learn well in the mainstream educational system, but who have the potential to become useful contributors to society.

The emphasis on vocational education and personal development is the distinguishing feature of the NJC curriculum. It is seen as essential if our young people are to be motivated and encouraged to learn. Read More

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The Building

NJC is housed in part of the SPX Clyde Union Pumps site, in what was the Minto Building. Lately, it had lain unused for a number of years, in times past used as an office building and before that housed an apprentice training facility. Indeed Jim McColl did some of his training here.

The ground floor has been completely refurbished into a state of the art educational facility. The first floor has been stripped out and will be redeveloped into more spaces for learning, including a fitness suit. The gym was requested by our students during their involvement in the planning process.

You can see the development progress here.